Top Ten Ways to Keep Your Red Hair Bright

Posted on January 18 2014

Top Ten Ways to Keep Your Red Hair Bright

Top Ten Ways to Keep Your Hair Color Bright....


1. Wash hair before hopping in the shower, in the sink, with cold water. When finish, wrap up hair in a towel or shower cap and then enjoy the hot shower. 

2. Don't wash your hair every day. Go as long as possible between shampoos. If you need to, a quick rinse may help. 

3. Color enhancing shampoos. There are two types. The first actual leaves a color deposit on the hair--known as a depositing shampoo. The second type actually seals off the hair's cuticle, and locks in the current dye color. It also protects against UV fade. 

4.Continue to seal your hair's cuticle by conditioning more. Deep condition at least once a week. 

5.Make dry shampoo your friend What's your favorite? 


6.Shine it up. Glossier hair looks healthier and more vibrant--giving the appearance your hair is freshly colored. Use a gloss treatment on your locks. 

7. Out in the sun? Wear a hat and always spray on a UV protector.

8. Avoid chlorine enough said. Install a water filter if your water has copious amounts of chemicals.

9. Toner--a quick all over salon treatment that is shampoo'd in to give a boost of color. Less expensive and less damaging than an entire color treatment. Go for it.

10. When it's time, it's time. The average hair needs to be recolored every 6 to 8 weeks. Red fades the fastest---so salon time may come sooner than you think. 


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