Hot Corset Fashion for the Holidays

Posted on December 19 2012

Does the idea of a reindeer sweater make you shiver with fright? Would you rather be caught dead than wear an argyle cardigan with jingle bells dangling down the front? We're with you. No need for dull holiday wear when you can dazzle in a silver brocade corset paired with a black petticoat. Or how about an all-black corset adorned with serious bows and a matching pettiskirt? Now that's alternative style we can get behind!

Mainstream fashion can be interesting at times if you're into Betsey Johnson, but for goth-inspired looks, you can forget about the mall and big box stores. We've got all the looks you need to turn this time of year into an unforgettable celebration: a celebration of your individuality.

Wearing Corsets to Holiday Parties

Let's face it: corsets should have never gone out of style. What other article of clothing that's meant to be seen creates curves all on its own? Bring this formerly intimate apparel item out of the dark and give it full exposure, either by itself in the bedroom or paired with a goth-girly skirt full of lace and ruffles but with an edge that showcases your unique style.

  • Instead of conforming, outfit yourself in a holiday-ready corset dress that suits you perfectly. Add some staggering boots or heels and you're a dark princess ready to play.
  • Love pink? That's okay, we're here to accommodate. Our pink corset is detailed with black lace trim so you get to be sweet      sassy at the same time.
  • Having fun with your fashion is essential to enjoying the dress-up process, so if all-black isn't exactly your thing all the time, why not branch out into green, red and deep purple?

There's no rule that says you have to be darkly mysterious every day, so play around with different colors. After all, that's just one of the benefits of being a woman!

Make It Curvey

Showing off curves is another benefit, and corsets help you do that beautifully. You love your femininity, but you like your unique sense of style, too. Combine them both and wear fashions designed to make your waist so tiny that others will be green with envy. When it comes to corsets and corset dresses, you can easily create a throwback style with modern flair. Plus, they exude plenty of sex appeal all on their own. Hit the holiday party scene in one of these styles, but don't be surprised if you set the place on fire once you enter the room! Our corsets stand alone and work with other pieces of clothing, so once your dressy occasion is over, remove the petticoat and a romantic night awaits – with or without additions like fishnet hose.

Lace up those corsets, girls, and get ready to have a fabulously hot holiday...on your own terms.


XOXO Razor Doll




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