10 Ways to Wear Your Corset

Posted on December 19 2012



You've found the perfect corset, but you're stumped on how to wear it. Sure, you lace it up the back, but how do you create an entire outfit with this sexy piece? These ideas on various ways to wear a corset are a great starting point to fantastically edgy fashion.


With jeans: We know, denim is not your everyday wear. You're too busy looking for flouncy skirts to go with those studded boots. However, give a slim, dark pair of jeans a chance by pairing it with a corset in any color.


Hot pants style:  Got great legs? Then show them to the world with a corset worn over a pair of black hot pants. Matching thigh-high stockings and garter belts are completely optional, depending on whether or not you plan to stop traffic.


Long, floaty skirt: You have a sweet side, too, and a long skirt in a dreamy fabric like taffeta is the perfect way to create a romantic outfit that's not too sugary. A matching taffeta corset is the complement you need for this pretty ensemble.


Modern wench: You love wearing corsets because they're just so much fun. Let your inner wench out by sporting a corset   over a Renaissance-type blouse.


Covered up: If you work in a more conservative environment, keep your corset a secret by wearing it under a blazer. Hopefully, you have a little leeway and can wear a leather blazer instead of tweed, but just knowing that you're wearing an ultra-sexy piece of clothing and that no one else knows about it should be enough to make your workday bearable.


Plenty of flounce: Instead of a long skirt, try a short one featuring plenty of flouncy details. Pettiskirts are just the ticket when you want to design a flirty outfit. A lace-detailed corset or one outlined in bows is just the right complement to a tutu and ankle boots.


As a bride: If your response to a traditional white wedding gown is "No thanks!" then you're probably looking for something edgier for your big day. Black wedding dresses are catching on, but you can easily create a unique outfit with a black corset paired with a variety of skirts.


With leather: Okay, so you're looking to dominate. Start with a leather corset and go from there. These hot items work well with anything from leather shorts and slacks to short leather skirts.


Elegant: A dark, embroidered corset paired with a flared silk skirt that hits right above the knee is perfect for parties without being too edgy.


 In the bedroom: We've saved one of the best ways for last. After a long day, reward yourself with a special evening spent with your partner. Corsets and garter belts go hand-in-hand like leather and lace. Add thigh-high stocking and this mini-outfit is complete.

Try one way or try them all – the best way to wear a corset is whatever way you feel most comfortable.



  • Sharlene: February 28, 2013

    I actually wear my corsets with nice pairs of jeans and stilleto boots. I get complaments all the time that people love the look of how it can be casual yet sexy at the same time.

  • Mykah: February 18, 2013

    I love corsets, and I wear mine with wet look leggings and stilleto boots.

  • Amber McReynolds : February 18, 2013

    I love all your corsets!! Thanks for the tips!!

  • Rhonda Vu: January 22, 2013

    I absolutely love all the sexy corsets!

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