Six Tips to Getting in Your First Corset

Posted on January 15 2013





You're bravely plunging into the corset-wearing world. Congratulations! Not only are you sure to have fun with this fashion, but you can also reveal your beautiful hourglass shape to the world – in your own way. If you've never worn a corset before, no fears. It's not difficult if you know follow just a few tips.

Pull it up, not down: A corset isn't a shirt, so instead of pulling it over your head, you should slip it over your hips and up. They may look small, but these items have some give which allow you to put them on this way.

Hook from the top down: You have a corset with hook closures instead of lace. The easiest way to put this type on is by beginning from the top and working your way down. This way, you're more likely to get every hook and not skip one.

Practice wearing at home: Before going out in your lovely corset for the first time, you may want to practice wearing it around your house first. You'll become more comfortable in it and gain confidence. Corsets are decidedly sexy, and require the right attitude to pull off. If you're the shy type, get that comfort level up before heading outdoors. Looking in a mirror and repeating "I'm Dita Von Teese" over and over should help!

Loosen all ties: If your corset has laces instead of hook closures, loosen all the ties before slipping it on. You want maximum room when first pulling it on; plus, if the laces are completely loosened, you're much less likely to get tangled up in them.

Don't lace too tightly: Once all your laces are in place, don't make the mistake of lacing it too tightly. After all, we don't want you fainting away like a 19th century lady in the middle of a party! Today's corsets are designed to ramp up the sex appeal without damaging any body parts, so lace loosely at first. As you become an expert in corset wearing, you can always tighten the laces, but you never want to take more than a few inches off your natural waist.

Have help if possible: Invite a buddy over to help, especially if you look at your corset and you don't know which way is up. This can be very helpful if your laces are in the back. As your friend tightens and ties your laces, you should hold and adjust the front as necessary. If all goes correctly, your front will be covered with no embarrassing spillage.

Now that you're ready to join the corset wearers of the world, there's no stopping you. Chances are you'll become confident with this style and want to try out different types, whether in pink and black lace or black and embroidered. The perfect corset is out there and just waiting on you.





  • Christina: February 06, 2013

    Great advice! I have been thinking about corseting for years. I am finally ready and healthy enough to take the plunge! This is so exciting!!

  • Alexa: January 23, 2013

    Thanks for the 6 tips for beginners to getting a corset on properly! I would probably have messed up& am getting my very 1st corset soon-i just have to pick one out of so many beauties! But the pink one with black lace caught my eye! Gorgeous work!!!

  • Mitch: January 18, 2013

    Me too! That’s my girl!

  • rachel juarez: January 17, 2013

    I think i love you guys!

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