Seven Rules to Being a Razor Doll

Posted on February 19 2013

 "It’s the attitude that defines you, and not the clothes. But they sure do help." Remember that, fearless femmes, and you're well on your way to being a true Razor Doll. Want to know what else will make the world take notice every time you strut into a room? These seven rules are for all the rule-breakers out there—because if you shop here, you are probably one of us. And remember ---these rules are not set in stone. Break them.

 1. Be yourself: Were you always the problem child? The class disrupter? The bad seed? Well, that's who you are – embrace it! There's no quicker way to unhappiness than trying to squash down your true nature. If the world can't handle you as you are, then maybe it’s the world that needs to change.

 2. Fearless ink makes the girl: No matter where you sport tattoos, make sure they represent the real you. Whether you're into skulls and crossbones or black roses trailing across your back, choose your ink carefully and then sport it with pride.

 3. Go for color: Mousy brown hair is for librarians and Sunday school teachers. You'll take hot pink, tangerine orange, lime green, platinum blonde or jet black instead.

 4. Got piercings?: Good! That lip or eyebrow piercing – or for the really brave out there, a few other places can count. Set yourself apart. You're no crowd-follower, so choose piercings you love and want, not what the latest trends dictate.

 5. Shop indie: Wear original clothes—from a corset to a 80s smock. Indie shops carry unique clothing and accessories you won't see on your coworker. Instead, they cater to your special tastes, whether you're looking for a great pair of worn biker boots or a tee shirt featuring your favorite band.

 6. Ditch fashion rules: You don't worry about the rule about never wearing white after Labor Day because you never wear white as it is. Your style is darker and deeper than what prances down the runway, but you still like to be girly. You even appreciate a little throwback in the form of corsets, whether you wear them with tutu skirts or leather pants. Fashion rules are not to be followed, they're made to be trashed.

 7. Above all, it's all about attitude: Let's be real -- you're no shrinking violet. You're tough, but you don't have to be hard. Sex appeal is good when it's on your own terms. You'll never be the type to carry around a clutch purse….but you do like feeling feminine...with an edge. Razor Dolls are never afraid to speak their minds and express themselves. Others may call it "attitude," but you know it's just "you."


  • Serena Waldeck: January 12, 2014

    For me re-learning to be fearless and getting back to finding myself has been and continues to be not only a work in progress but more importantly a whole bunch of fun and empowering!! Thank you for the reminder!! We all need that from time to time!!

  • Ravin Lunatic: February 19, 2013

    Oddly enough what you have stated here in this small description, is exactly how I live my life. Tattoo’s, piercings, clothing, and my persona’.

    Thanks for speaking out, and letting others know it’s okay to be different. It’s one thing if one person is speaking the truth, it’s different when you have more of a crowd backing, and living the same idea’s, principles, and message. And that is simple “Be Yourself!” :)

    Ravin Lunatic

    (You can find me upon facebook as well.)

  • Roberta Smith: February 19, 2013

    I am known for already living by these rules. My friends and co-workers call me sexy b*tch to match the sticker on my truck. I let someone take this away from me and now that I am back to being single, I am playing by my own rules! Thanks!

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