Pink Hair Dye: Keep Your Locks Neon Bright

Posted on April 21 2015

Pink Hair Dye:                  Keep Your Locks Neon Bright


Hot pink hair is everywhere today, with every shade from green to purple following. Rainbow hair is even seen among the celebs--recently strolling the red carpet with hot pink ombre hair included Heidi Klum, Demi Lovato and Carrie Underwood. But what’s the best way to keep dyed hair vibrant?

Start with a Pro:

There are many techniques and coloring packages that you can buy to dye your hair, but the first step in coloring hair hot pink is to talk a stylist. Work with a professional who dyes hair a multitude of rainbow colors on a regular basis. Perhaps she even has dyed locks herself. Opt for an alternative hairstyle salon that works with pinup, alternative or punk hairstyle looks. Give them a quick call on the phone and interview a stylist.

Go Solo:

Sometimes a pro hair job isn’t in the budget---so going solo may have to work. Make sure you like the look of pink hair with your skin tone—and to help choose the right shade of pink. Try on some wigs, hold them against your face and look at your coloring. Shades of pink that wash out your skin tone should be avoided. Remember, temporary hair dyes will wash out and may not have a full vibrant look. Your hair may also need to be stripped of its original color first---so starting with a blonde color for a rich pink is often a starting point.

Five Tips to Dye Your Hair Pink

Bleach. If your hair is not a natural light blonde shade, you will need to bleach it until it has a yellow hue. After this, get a purple toner to change it to white. By taking this first step, you can have shiny and vibrant hot pink hair.

Prepare for it to get messy. Dying your hair hot pink is not a clean process. There is no real way around it. Take a few precautions -- put petroleum jelly in areas near your hairline, including ears and neck, so your skin will not get colored in the process. Cover your shoulders with a towel and make sure to wear latex gloves.

Mist it. Spritz, spritz, spritz! Get those tips moist because the color will be more evenly spread across from the root to the tip. Use a quick water bowl and lightly spray hair.

Patience: The hot pink dye application should be added beginning at the root and coming out at the tip. When applying the dye, you have to be careful and apply it by sections. This is done by massaging the dye into different areas of your head one at a time. Work fast and steady, but ensure the hot pink hair dye is very evenly distributed. No one wants a blotchy dye job. Ask a friend for extra hands, it could make a huge difference. 

Extra Tips. Give extra time to let the dye settle in your hair. You must leave the dye in as long as it is necessary. Stay away from washing your pink hair for two days afterward. Use special shampoos made for color treated hair and avoid washing hair in hot or even warm water. Cool water is best for your hair to retain the pink color as long as possible.


  • Razor Doll Designs: September 08, 2013

    Thanks so much for all the great feedback. Dying hair pink—or any color of the rainbow. The results range from dramatically beautiful to tragically not so much. Keep coming back to the Razor Doll blog for more alternative fashion style topics!

  • Seychelle: August 26, 2013

    I agree with Razor Doll :) I’ve had my hair pretty much every color and the best way to keep the color perfect is to wait as long as possible between washes. If you can’t afford the Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo, Suave brand actually makes one that works pretty well. It’s about $3.00 I believe. Also, when you have colors in your hair, just shampoo quickly and rinse quickly. As soon as you’re done with conditioning, make sure to rinse out your hair quickly. The water will never “run clear” as it will with permanent hair colors, and if you keep rinsing, you’re essentially just rinsing the color down the drain. :) Hope this helps!

  • Nancy: August 26, 2013

    I use a product from Sally’s Beauty Supply called N’Rage. It bleaches and dyes in one step. There’s only enough in the $12 kit to dye highlights, so buy more developer. I love how it fades out gradually, about 4 to 6 weeks. My roots show after 4 weeks so I usually bleach them blonde and comb the bleach down to to an ombre effect with blonde at the roots and pink at the ends. Then it looks awesome for another 3-4 weeks. I have tried purple but it fades to blue then gray. Pink is by far my fav. I’ve never had any hair stylist training. Anyone can do it.

  • Hellie: August 25, 2013

    Thank you! I’m glad this post showed up in my news feed on Facebook…it was very informative. I often dye my hair purple with Punky Color, and it works really well, but I didn’t know that washing it in cool water would help it stay in longer. I shall remember that :)

  • Lara: August 25, 2013

    The brand of dye used is also important. For longer lasting color you should use semi or demi permanent. Heat setting hair can also help it be more vibrant and last longer. A plastic shower cap over the hair after the dye is applied, heat with a hair dryer until it feels like warm mud, then let cool completely. Leave the dye in the hair about an hour all together if possible.

    I’ve had my neon HOT pink and dark purple hair for 3 months now, I have only had to do the roots to touch up-almost no fading.

  • Razor Doll Designs: May 25, 2013

    One tip is to always wash and even rinse in very cool water—-never wash in warm or even hot water. Hot water will expand and loosen that hair dye, causing it to wash out, while cold causes the hair dye to constrict and tighten to the actual hair. I have heard dye staying in place for weeks. Less washing the better—-try to go several days between washes and using a dry shampoo in between. Bumble and Bumble, though pricey, makes a great dry shampoo so you aren’t washing your purple locks daily. :)

  • Brittney Schneider: May 25, 2013

    I just dyed my hair purple ambre from black on the top to purple towards the bottom but I have notice it is going quickly to a pinky color. Do you have any tips for keeping the color longer in your hair?

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