Red Hot Lips—How to Make Red Lipstick Stay Put

Posted on June 05 2015

Red Hot Lips—How to Make Red Lipstick Stay Put




There is one cheap accessory that will vamp up your pinup girl look in a matter of seconds? If you are going for instant glamour, from a dark gothic vixen to rockabilly pinup girl, red lipstick is a must in your cosmetic bag. Blood red lips are one of the biggest trends that adds instant vampiness and glamour to any look no matter what look you are rockin. Wear no makeup and still look good with ruby red lips. The vintage pinup girl look is making a huge comeback and will turn any ordinary girl into a goddess. If your look is on the dark side, blood red lips can add the one pop of color you need to make your look stand out.


Want your lips to look fresh and bright the entire time, here quick lipstick tips to make your ruby reds last all day:


Exfoliate frequently

If you want your lips to look smooth and luscious, you need to eliminate all the dead skin that accumulates over them. Exfoliate with brown sugar or a an exfoliating lip balm at least twice a week.


Moisturize before applying your lipstick

When your lips are parched, they absorb whatever moisture they can get. If you put red lipstick over very dry lips, it will quickly sink in to them. Apply a moisturizing lip balm before applying your lipstick to make your red lips last all day long.


Apply a layer of foundation

Prime your lips for pinup style lips by doing this before you apply lipstick. Slab on a layer of foundation over your lips to create a blank canvas for your red lipstick and increase its durability.


Use a brush to apply lipstick

Applying your lipstick with a brush rather than straight from the tube will concentrate more pigment on your lips. You can also fill in any ridges and make sure you stay inside your lip line.


Test and Invest

Look for a good brand of lipstick. They are usually made with high quality ingredients and have more staying power. Remember its a worthwhile investment. It is an accessory that will go with all of your outfits for all occassions. Many high end cosmetic stores will even give you a sample of lipstick to take home and try out for a few days.


Look for words like "long-wearing" "durable"

When shopping for red lipstick look for the ones that claim to be long-wearing or durable. Some even guarantee that they will stay put for 8-12 hours. Many don't require any touching up and will not smudge when you eat or drink.


What are your favorite red lipstick tips? Please share your favorite brands, application tips below!


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