Looking Good in a Tiny Bikini

Posted on May 13 2013

A super fit petite and sexy body is hard to gain, but if you are lucky enough to have one, then you should flaunt it. Instead of treating it with regular swimwear, go further and treat yourself to a unique tiny bikini. This type of bikini  is somehow similar to the Brazilian swimwear specially made for women who have extraordinary fit bodies and aren’t afraid of showing some skin. A tiny bikini usually includes a combination of a triangular style halter tops and scrunch butt bottoms. These make an ideal wear for the beach.
For one to be able to pull off this form of a micro swimsuit, they got to have not just the body but also a sense of style and fashion. A few tips regarding how one can make pull of the revealing swimwear include:

Summer Glow

Having a beautiful skin tone is one of the ways of complementing a micro swimsuit. One can get a nice spray tan by simply spraying themselves using a do-it-yourself tan spray as well as by visiting a local salon that offers this service. Also, while at the beach, ensure that you bring with you some sunscreen to help in maintaining the glow in your skin.

Smooth Skin

Revealing swimwear in many cases will demand that you show off not just your best assets, but ALL of your assets. This therefore demands that your skin is smooth. Exfoliate your skin using a freshly made sugar scrub. Combine sugar with oil such as olive or coconut oil--rub over your body while in the shower for a quick refreshing all over smoothness. Use a fresh razor for shaving. The ideal way to have this taken care of is by having a good bikini wax--but only for the brave. Get recommendations for the best salons in town from a friend. 

Wow Factors
To add a wow factor to the bikini, especially Razor Doll's scrunch butt bottoms, consider adorning some accessories like a belly ring or an anklet. To many  accessories are simply too much---but be simple and fashionable. Create a coverup t-shirt from to wear with your bikini or pair with one of our tattoo style tanks.

These three tips can guarantee you amazing beach time when wearing Razor Doll swimwear! Enjoy the sunshine.


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