Picking the Perfect Tiny Bikini | 3 Quick Tips

Posted on May 14 2013

Tiny bikinis can be worn on almost any figure to show off dangerous curves in the summer heat. Embrace your youth and beauty with incredible swimwear that looks great on your body. With over 50 styles to choose from at Razor Doll, the possibilities are endless.

Hide the Goods

A revealing bikini is best done with plenty of tact and taste. You can show off your butt without showing all of it. The '90s may have been the perfect time to wear a thong the size of floss on the beach, but today there should be more material to your bikini bottoms.Try a scrunch bottom bikini for minimal but complete coverage. The scrunch bottom naturally contours to the bodies natural curves.

Take It For a Test Drive

Do a cartwheel, handstand or the splits, if you must, when trying on your mini bikini. You want to make sure you can have fun in the sand without losing your top. Stay cool and choose a tiny bikini that stays put.

Invest in Good Swimwear

The best sexy styles in swimwear are made from the highest quality of material and hug your private parts just right due to their design. Don't be afraid to drop the dough so you can look your best and feel confident  while wearing your sexy revealing swimwear. Poorly made bikinis won't lost several seasons. Look for swimwear with quality fabrics and that come fully lines. Adjustable bathing suits and extra padding are quality construction to look for.  


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