Brazillian Bikini Fun Facts Revealed

Posted on May 24 2013


The Brazilian bikini is a bombshell look that has graced the covers of hundreds of magazines and become a favorite among both women (and of course gazing, men) during the summer hot months. Known for having the least amount of fabric for swimsuits, it pushes and lifts a girl's two best friends while allowing her bottom to be shown off beautifully.

The Birth of the Brazilian Bikini

Although the '40s are known as a time when you could find conservative cover-ups and swimwear for women on the beach, the making of the Brazilian bikini was in the works and came out in 1946 by Louis Reard. It took a decade for the U.S. to launch the string micro swimwear in 1957 and finally began selling after the flirty song debut of, "Itsy Bitsy Teenie WeenieYellow Polka Dot Bikini."

The Evolution of the Bikini

Although the first Brazilian bikini was more conservative for today's standards, it has most certainly evolved into a hot mess of an item that has many different cuts and styles that are skimpy and sultry. This micro swimwear includes double string bottoms for peekaboo hips and strapless mini tops that reveal beautifully bronzed shoulders. Tiny triangle tops, crochet microkinis and revealing scrunch butt bottoms. Materials include foil bikinis and even lace to mimic a lingerie bikini look.

A Personal Favorite for Celebs

Hundreds of the most beautiful women in the world have made the covers of the top magazines in the world, but none have graced the covers more than this micro swimwear. It was most recently seen on Kate Upton on the cover of Sport's Illustrated in the middle of Antarctica. The string micro swimwear included flirty ties for the barely there bottoms. She originally sported an ombre Brazilian bikini on the 2012 Swimsuit Issue where the fabric looked as if it was barely hanging on.

For Maxim magazine, reality star Audrina Patridge beautifully sported a hot black Brazilian Bikini with sheer bottoms and a top that sculpted her breasts to a tee. On the cover, her fingertips played with her string bottoms that allowed her curves and fit figure to be shown off with careless grace.


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