Be Confident when Wearing the Smallest Beach Bikini

Posted on May 24 2013


When hitting the beach on a perfect summer day, it can be a thrill to sport your newest mini bikini that looked hot when first trying it on. However, once getting out on the sand in front of dozens of people, you can suddenly lose your cool and forget how you were once so confident in front of the mirror.

Wearing the smallest beach bikini can be intimidating, but you can still strut your stuff by preparing yourself beforehand. Before you reach for your mom's one-piece, learn a few tips that will make your smallest swimwear your favorite accessory. Let's do it Razor Dolls!

Make Friends With Your Bikini

It's easy to feel intimidated when wearing your bikini for the first time on the beach. Try wearing your sexy swimwear at home first and around the house. Get comfortable with it, move around in it, and get to know it. It'll feel like your BFF the minute you hit the sand, which will allow you to feel more confident.

Have a Pep Talk

Sport your skimpy swimwear with people you trust and ask them for their opinion. By getting encouraged on how you look, it'll motivate you to feel great in your new item and will reassure you that your body looks just as hot as you had hoped. 

Go for a Work Out

Even if you may not see immediate results when working out with your fellow gym rats, you'll at least feel fitter and slimmer before slipping on your skimpy swimwear. Work out those glutes or go for a run until you can feel your muscles pulsate before getting playful in the sand.

Get Waxed

Get a smooth wax before sporting a microkini so you don't get bashful--but we can guarantee it will hurt a bit. Nothing is more of a confidence killer than showing off your five o'clock shadow downstairs. Get your skin smooth and beautiful when wearing one of your favorite tiny bikinis so you can have more fun in the sun.

Don't Wait for the Beach to Tan

A hot and sexy microkini may look good on the rack, but can reveal some pale skin that you may have not noticed at home. Tan nude in your backyard or at a salon before getting sexy in tiny bikinis. Worried about sun damage. Try a spray tan. Gone are the days of over-orange skin. Modern spray tans make you glow and give your body an all over bronzed look. Best thing--no tan lines. 

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