Romantic Retro Floral Corset "Hampton Fields"



Product Details

Romance is clearly in the air with this dreamy rose and floral corset. Dress up retro or vintage style or keep it strictly for boudoir romance. Denim material with lush pink and peach floral design. The front of the corset features a hook closure, and cinch the back tight with criss cross corset lacing. Acrylic bones. 



Denim material

Lush floral design in pinks, ivory and peach

Corset back lacing

Front closure

Acrylic fashion boning

10 days expected delivery time. Does not qualify for expedited delivery.


Style Tips: 


Ideal corset to pair with jeans or a skirt for light spring or summer fashion

Retro or vintage style when worn with Razor's lush ruffled panties.

Complete the outfit with a pair of shoes--try a pair of pin up sandles or a simple pair of pinup girl pumps in white.


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