VIP Exclusive: Noire Perfume Oils

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Customize your VIP Summer Box

Lapothicaire Co's  perfume oils are designed to last many hours throughout the day, and have been formulated to wear alone, or layered together, to create your own custom fragrance.
Made with organic coconut oil, essential oils, absolutes and phthalate free fragrance, the perfume oils are phthalate free and made from the highest quality ingredients.
The perfume oils are packaged in a slender glass bottle, with stainless steel rollerball for smooth and easy application.
Each Oil contains 10.5ml - enough for 2+ months of daily usage.



All orders must be placed by July 12 to receive the
perfumes in your box next week. 
:: A B S I N T H E ::

Banned in Europe and the United States in the 1900's, this Anise flavored beverage is surrounded by taboo. Although originally thought to prevent malaria, Absinthe is best known for causing deep hallucinations and altered states of reality...

:: G R A V E Y A R D   R O S E S ::

Freshly Turned Soil and Damp Earth lay the base notes of this blend, while Red Roses, signifying eternal love, are scattered about - remembering those lost, but never forgotten. Deep Forest Greens surround and protect...offering comfort and guidance.

:: F O R T U N E  +  F A T E ::

Mystery abounds in this curious tincture, as Black Amber and Incense provide deep and alluring base notes, earthy Tea Leaves dance about in fortune teller fashion, and top notes of Wild Elderberry add an alluring, unexpected finish...

:: W I S D O M  +  W O N D E R ::

Gypsy Caravans, crystal balls and tarot cards set the stage in this folklore-inspired blend. Intriguing top notes of Violet Leaf, and Black Pine blend over a smoky base of Frankincense and Oud, filling the air with mystical allure...

:: N E V E R M O R E ::

Reminiscent of a candle-lit study, tattered leather books, with their crumbling pages, scattered atop an old oak writing desk, a warm cup of black tea, and a pipe packed with fine tobacco. 

:: R E Q U I E M ::

/Req•ui•em/ noun A mass for the repose of the souls of the dead. Night blooming Jasmine rises from a bed of deep Black Amber and Musk, while Sandalwood provides a peaceful, eternal resting place...

:: F O R B I D D E N ::

A fragrance metaphor of indulgence and pleasure: Sinfully deep notes of Dark Fruits and Cassis lay atop an earthy Lichen and Forest Green base, creating a blend that is equally tempting and irresistible at once…

:: S A C R E D ::

Deep, smoldering wood from the sacred Palo Santo trees of Brazil form the base notes of this enchanting fragrance. Coveted for it’s use in spiritual healing rituals, Palo Santo is often referred to as a Holy Wood with magical cleansing properties…

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